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 Lotus wallpaper

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PostSubject: Lotus wallpaper    Lotus wallpaper  EmptySat 14 May 2016 - 9:45

In everyday life, people gave each lotus flower to show respect, to praise the qualities of clarity, purity of the opponent.
And like other flowers, each color of the lotus expressed a deep sense separately, based on the elegant, original rustic.
With White Lotus: it is easy to feel casual strokes, noble, pure, subtle strokes the sanctuary. White lotus, gives us the serenity and peace of mind. "Love the white lotus blooming - Live Life virtuous noble soul"
With Lotus Green - a special flower, by essence, blue lotus is the white lotus, which is pink but very light, the lower part of the wing is white, pale pink tip. And when the new white lotus blooming, the petals have bluish outside so people called blue lotus. However, between the white and blue lotus Lotus has different meanings that people were sending. If the above we already know to be white lotus symbolizes the purity sheer hunger, the purity of the soul. Blue lotus it brings sense of the power of the will, strong determination and undying faith. It also is a symbol of freedom, equality, and fraternity.
And, with pink lotus - flower was voted to become our country's national flower, the meaning of it was covering all of the above, moreover, are popular flowers, close to the Vietnamese.
Looking shaken shower in the morning sun, the white of the flowers gives the gentle, elegant, with a nonchalant look, peace. On the moon season, shimmer of moonlight gold lotus petals adorn a beauty shining with peace of liberation among all the stars twinkling in the sky.
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Lotus wallpaper  Hoa-sen-16B107
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Lotus wallpaper
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